About R + B Filter Manufacturing Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

We set the Standard in industrial Dust Filtration

R + B Filter Manufacturing Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is a part of the R + B Filter group with its headquarters in Germany. R + B Filter not only manufactures filter elements, but is a competent partner in the development of tailor-made end-to-end solutions.

Comprehensively analyzing customer requirements our highly experienced technicians and engineers develop potential solutions to ensure optimum functionality of your dust collectors

R + B Filter in India was established in the year 2006. Its production facility in Vadodara to manufacture pleated type filter elements for dust removal was completed in 2009.

The primary focus of the Vadodara production site is to manufacture special filter cartridges for the air and dust filtration. Additionally we supply pleated filter panels, filter cassettes and other customized forms of dust filter elements. With strong support from the German parent company R + B Filter today has set the recognized standard in industrial dust filtration.

With a broad range of filter elements of the highest quality, we effectively contribute in removing the dust from industrial workplaces and thus keeping the air clean.

Ultimately, Clean Air is Our Business!

Quality first

Technological progress also changes the demands placed on dust filtration. At the same time, legal requirements are becomeing increasingly stricter in terms of air quality. The ability to meet both of these requirements can only be shouldered with application-specific experience. And this is certainly our strength.

Be it filter cartridges, filter panels or cassettes the same always applies:
Every single filter element must withstand the highest chemical, thermal and mechanical strains.

R + B Filter has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. This means: All our activities are subject to defined quality criteria. All steps are recorded and retraceable. This applies to all processes from application-related development to goods inspection and production.

The knowledge and commitment of our qualified and dedicated team of specialists guarantees that you receive the very highest quality filter elements from R + B Filter.


We were the first manufacturer to bring the pleated filter panel onto the market. A large number of innovative products continue on this path to this day. In the interplay of research, experience and creativity, we are constantly working on the implementation of innovative solutions for air and dust filtration.


Patent for pleated filter panel

With the development of the first pleated filter panel for dust filtration R + B Filter offers an innovative product in a compressed design with a much larger filter surface compared to pocket filters.


Further development of cartridges

In the 1990s we brought new types of filter cartridges onto the market: Our Ecotex filter cartridge with bayonet system allows easy assembly by turning it through 120 ° C. The Multicell filter cartridge enables dust filtration through 2 chambers. The long filter cartridge Plitex 3000 is used as a pleated replacement for filter hoses. It is screwed in with an Rd 100 thread.



2005 R + B Filter Manufacturing was founded in Vadodara, India to serve the Asian markets. In 2009 we started the production of dust filter cartridges there. We are also growing in Germany, which is why the buildings in Langenbrettach will be expanded in 2020.

Company headquarters in Langenbrettach near Heilbronn, Germany

Worldwide network

R + B Filter has a network in numerous European countries. In addition, with the Indian R + B Filter Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. in Vadodara near Mumbai, the filtration specialist is ideally positioned to meet the needs of the dynamic Asian markets.

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Partner at eye level

We are not only a manufacturer of filter elements, we see ourselves as a partner to our customers. From advice to the development of individual solutions, we support you in ensuring the optimal performance of your dedusting system.

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