Customized Filter Elements

Technical changes in production processes, such as new manufacturing processes, different materials or changed legal regulations, entail new requirements for dedusting technology. We develop innovative solutions for new applications for you.

Do you want to secure your spare parts business and do not want a standard filter element? We supply your individual filter cartridge, filter panel or filter cassette exclusively for your dust collector.


The given space conditions require a special geometry of the dust filter element or you would like a mounting system that fits only your filter systems? We develop it.

Filter Medium

When choosing the filter medium, we take into account the properties of the dust to be filtered, the operating conditions on site and the required degree of separation. We develop innovative filter materials for new applications.

Special Designs

Is your dust filter element used under unusual chemical conditions or are you looking for a solution for higher operating temperatures? Do you need a dust filter cartridge that is certified as safe for food? We develop precisely the filter element for you that fully covers your requirements.

Selected Developments by R + B Filter

We develop filter elements for our customers that meet all the requirements and guarantee the highest air purity. Our pleated radial filter cartridge - the perfect fit for smoking cabins - shows which geometric adjustments are possible.

Filter Media: Adjusted to your Application

The filter medium is important for the function of the dust extraction system. Therefore we adapt the filter material to the properties of the dust. Our filter media are certified according to DIN EN 60335-2-69 or DIN EN 1822.

We offer you a wide range of different media with the following equipment:

Moisture repellent

thanks to impregnation or oil and water-resistant fibers

Types for ATEX

through conductive coatings or conductive fibers

Surface coatings

Microporous coating, PTFE membrane, nanofibres

Temperature resistance

For operating temperatures up to 450 °C

High Quality Filter Elements + Comprehensive Advice

R + B has been producing pleated filter elements for numerous applications in dedusting technology since 1982. With a wide range of filter elements in excellent quality and extensive experience R + B Filter Standards in the industry.

OEM Partner

We are not just a manufacturer of filter elements, we see ourselves as partners. We search for and develop individual complete solutions for our customers in order to guarantee the optimal function of the dust extraction systems.

Quality made in Germany

Our products proudly bear the "Made in Germany" seal, because with us first-class engineering meets high-quality workmanship. Because only premium products ensure really clean air.


We were the first manufacturer to bring the pleated filter plate onto the market. A large number of innovative products continue on this path to this day. With our own research and development department, we are continuously working on the implementation of new filter solutions for the future.

Special request?

Are you looking for a solution for a new area of ​​application in dedusting or do you have unusual operating conditions? Our technicians and engineers are happy to develop your individual solution!

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