Filter Elements for Dedusting and Air Filtration

Filter elements from R + B Filter are characterized by a high product quality - from the selection of the filter media to the processing. Our customers benefit from this in several ways: The best separation performance, a long service life even at high operating temperatures and high levels of dust, as well as simple cleaning verifiably reduce the costs for maintenance and operation of the filter systems and ensure occupational safety.

Matched to the application, high process reliability

Low energy costs due to low pressure loss

Long service life, lower maintenance costs

Filter Elements for Dedusting and Air Filtration

Filter Cartridges

Filter cartridges made by R + B Filter are available in a variety of types. They can be used for all dedusting cases.

Can be equipped with any commercially available filter medium

Wide range of installtion systems

Offer more filter surface than filter bags

Filter Panels

Filter panels made by R + B Filter offer a high mechanical load capacity due to their robust construction. Their filter area is XNUMX times larger than that of filter bags.

Low filter resistance

For high dust concentrations

Flow-optimized head

Filter Cassettes

Due to their compact design, filter cassettes made by R + B Filter enable a low overall height of your dust collector.

Installation: vertical or horizontal

Easy to assemble

Low pressure loss

Customized Filter Elements

We develop individual filtration solutions for you, which guarantee an optimal function of your dedusting systems. Based on an analysis of the operating conditions, we recommend the correct design and the most suitable filter material - for smooth production.

We offer the following customizations:


Geometry adapted to your requirements

Filter medium

Dust properties and degree of separation are taken into account

Special designs

for higher operating temperatures, certified safe for food, chemical resistance or other requirements

Filter Elements for special conditions of use

Filter Elements for Food and Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical Industry

The highest level of purity is mandatory in the production of pharmaceuticals. Our dedusting solutions ensure clean air and support you in the recovery of your raw materials.

Food Industry

Quality and purity are required by law in the production and processing of food. Our dedusting solutions support you in this and ensure clean air.

Filter Elements for Hot Gas Filtration

Hot Gas Filtration

These filter cartridges can be used up to a maximum operating temperature of 220 ° C.

Filter Elements for the Filtration of Oil and Emulsion mist as well as Aerosols

Oil & Emulsion mist

This filter medium was specially developed for the separation of liquid particles.

Push-Push and Push-Pull filter cartridges for dust removal

Push-Push and Push-Pull filter cartridges

These filter cartridges have been specially developed for dust extraction.


We supply you with accessories for installing and cleaning the dust filter elements.


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