Dust Filter Cartridges Easy Fit Ø 157-150 mm


  • Processing of mineral powders
  • Foundries
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Production of animal food
  • Processing of cement



  • Installation without tools by snap lock from the clean side
  • For all puposes in dust filtration
  • Suitable for high dust loads


The maximum operating temperature is 60 °C.Filter cartridges for up to 110 °C, with metal partsof stainless steel, materials which are suitable for food or other individual types are available on request. 

Filter Media

According to the application the best possible filter medium for the respective case is selected.

The pleated filter media consist of polyester non wovens or needle felts. They can be equipped antistatic, oil and water repellent, with special coatings or membranes.

They are certified in accordance with DIN EN 60335-2-69 appendix AA and are suitable for the filtration of health hazardous dusts.



Filter holder part no. 310-001-000031, solenoid  valves, electronic valve controllers.




For clean side installation 
for hole in mounting plate Ø 159 mm
Accessory: Filter holder 310-001-000031
Length L
Filter area
150 660 1,1
150 1040 1,9
150 1260 2,3
150 1460 2,7
150 1560 2,9
150 2060 3,9

Technical changes reserved.